The Norfolk Academies Board has created individual Academy Councils for its constituent Academies along the following lines:-

Attleborough Academy Norfolk AC, Fakenham Academy Norfolk AC, Wayland Academy Norfolk IEB, Wayland Junior Academy Watton IEB. Norfolk Academies delegates to all its ACs the following powers and responsibilities:-

  • Provide challenge and support to Principals.
  • Develop and agree strategic and operational policies and monitor their impact.
  • Ensure policy and procedures are followed with regard to any complaints or appeals and act as final decision maker where appropriate.
  • Develop effective links within the Trust’s community, communicating regularly and openly and ensuring clear flows of communication across the Trust and with external partners.
  • Ensure that Academies meet their responsibilities to serve their community’s needs in relation to the safeguarding and education of all students.
  • Promote close links with individual Academies through their Academy Council or otherwise and actively take into account and respond to the issues and risks they identify and escalate.
  • Ensure there is always a link between Governance and the parent community.
  • Ensure that key duties are undertaken effectively across the organisation such as safeguarding, inclusion, special education needs and disability (SEND) and monitor the impact of the Pupil Premium and other targeted funding streams.

In addition, AC Members should visit the Academy on a regular basis in order to improve their knowledge regarding the Academy’s staff, needs, priorities, strengths and weaknesses and to monitor and assess the priorities as outlined in the development plan.